How Much Does Car Detailing in Raleigh, NC, Cost?

Car detailing in Raleigh, NC, is a great way to improve your car’s appearance without spending a fortune. A basic detailing service will cost around $100, but you can expect to pay more if you have a larger vehicle. You can also choose to get your car detailed on an ala carte basis for a slightly lower price. The price of interior car detailing depends on the age of the vehicle and its condition. Larger vehicles require more time, labor, and products than smaller models. Additional factors that may increase the price include pet hair, sand, and salt stains. Exterior detailing costs are also affected by driving conditions and embedded debris. It is important to understand your car’s needs before you decide on the price.

Full car detailing in Raleigh, NC, can cost anywhere from $250 to $400. This service aims to remove swirls from the paint and make it look new again. You can expect a clay bar treatment for an additional $15-30. Other services include carpet shampooing and steam cleaning, which cost $50. You can also have leather upholstery cleaned for about $150. The cost of car detailing also depends on your location and the type of services you need. Some companies offer mobile services, which can lower the cost even further. Many detailers will charge extra for larger vehicles, and their rates can increase accordingly. The more services you need, the more it will cost. For the smallest vehicles, a basic package should cost anywhere from $200 to $300.

Most detailers offer steam cleaning, which is not always available at all locations. This method removes light stains and odor from surfaces. After the service, the car should be thoroughly dried. Premium packages also include some additional services that you can choose from, such as wax and sanitizing. The premium packages begin at about $200 and can go up to $395.

How Often Should You Get Car Detailing in Raleigh, NC?

Depending on the type of service you need, it’s best to get it done twice a year or at least every six months. A professional car detailing in Raleigh, NC, will take several hours to complete a thorough job. They will clean the exterior and interior of your car. The price range for a single detail will vary depending on the type of service, the size of your vehicle, and the quality of the detail work. Car detailing services are generally more expensive than car washing. But you can save money on the price of the service if you look for packages with discounts. Also, look for deals on auto polish and cleaning products. Regular detailing sessions will keep the materials looking as good as new and reduce the work required to keep your car looking new.

Cars: $125 Suv's $150 X
Suv/Trucks: $200

Exterior Detail

PH Neutral Hand Wash w/ high sud foam gun. (No brushes)
Careful Hand Drying
Brilliant Wheel Cleaning
Super Black Tire Treatment
Window Cleaning (Inside & Out)


Interior Vacuum of Floors, Seats & Trunk
Floor Mats Cleaned & Revived
Complete Interior Wipe-down